To my younger self


As I conjure up a scene talking to my younger self!

You probably don’t recognize me with these sleek stylish spectacles around my eyes and a figure that bloated up a little owing to the 9-7 working hours accompanied by incessant fatal one-sitting. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here; these thick glasses around my eyes came from years of strain in my eyes in an effort to look deeply into life and the extra pounds on my weight are equally proportional to the experience I have gained and the way I have explored the corporate culture sitting at my desk for such long hours.

When you are in school, do not worry so much about what other people think and listen to your teachers- respect and love them just like your family, you will eventually realise they loved you more and were among your best wishers always. Embrace your individuality—it will be the ticket to your success one day.

Although the school years feel like nothing more than a popularity contest, in the end you’ll be happier sticking with a small circle of friends who love you for who you are. Stay away from the sly friends who ask you for timeless hangouts. Nothing good will come from this. Someone’s lies might hurt you more than someone’s honest feedback. Beware of people who want to tear you down to keep you from standing back up. One day you’ll realise what true friends are, and they’ll help you find your smile again. They’ll be the ones holding a catcher’s mitt when life throws you some curve balls.

Forgiveness! This is a tough one for you, but the bitterness will only weigh you down. Let go of the anger you feel towards those kids who poked fun at you, who challenged you. What you don’t realize is how unkind their life is. Their spirit has been broken and they’ve learned the hard way how to protect themselves by preying on vulnerable people like you. This is a fact you will eventually understand when you are here, so do not waste thoughts and efforts on anger and vengeance.

Do not waste too much energy berating yourself in front of the mirror. Society has fed you a warped perception of beauty—don’t let its definition convince you that you fall short of everyone else’s expectations. The mirror is not your enemy; see yourself through your own eyes and know that others love you even when you don’t love yourself. Do not stop exercising and do not get lured by the junkies that the world is going to offer you in years to come. Please value the health which you have acquired through mom’s healthy food habits, and stay fit and healthy always.

There will be some unimaginable losses in the years to come—don’t be afraid to face them head on. You’re going to walk through a valley of grief but you’re going to come through the other side a stronger, braver woman. You’ll need these experiences to hold up the others when life knocks them down.

I know you feel as though your parents are judging every move you make and you hate living under a microscope. Strict curfews, lost phone privileges and being grounded from social activities may seem unreasonable, but your parents really do have your best interests at heart. If they didn’t love you, they wouldn’t care what you did. Boundaries and rules are a sign of good parenting and tough love. If you don’t understand this now, you might end up feeling lost when you start living in another city all by yourself, so let them discipline and train you and make you your best.


2 thoughts on “To my younger self

  1. I like this, it’s very relatable specially the school years being a popularity contest. Self-love is hard takes its time but it’s necessary. Also agree on the things you miss when you live somewhere else which is personally relatable. You start thinking of the things you take for granted.

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